Picking the Right Cowboy Hat for Him


It is known that men can rock a cowboy hat no matter the occasion and choosing the perfect hat comes with many components. A men’s cowboy hat is a sacred piece of their wardrobe that shows off his true western style and uniqueness. Before you purchase your next cowboy hat for the collection, you should think about the material, style, and overall shape of the hat. Sheplers men’s western wear shares with you how to pick the perfect cowboy hat for him.


Cowboy hats come in many different materials and this is a matter of style preference and what feels right. Straw cowboy hats are typically worn during warmer temperatures out on a ranch, and felt or wool cowboy hats are meant for the cooler months during fall and winter. Leather cowboy hats offer a thicker feel around the head and are very secure. At Sheplers we have a selection of different material cowboy hats to satisfy every cowboy no matter the season.

Style of Crowns

When choosing the perfect cowboy hat for your cowboy there are important things to consider such as the style of crown. Does your cowboy want an indented, flat, or high hat? Indentations are very common in cowboy hats and some hats have extreme indentations for a sharper look. It depends on the style and look the cowboy is going for.


Not all cowboy hats have to break the bank and you can find affordable options for high-quality cowboy hats. They come in all different prices and it depends how much you are willing to spend for this western wardrobe piece. At Sheplers we offer multiple cowboy hats for under $60!

Before you make this important purchase, we recommend that you consider all these factors to find the perfect cowboy hat.

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