Saddle Up! Wild West Activities for Kids

Young boy in cowboy hat

Round up all your young western pals because we have found some fun Wild West activities for kids! Get ready for the best Wild West games and activities for a western-themed party or just a fun day at the ranch. So, throw on their favorite children’s cowboy boots, saddle up all your young cowboys and cowgirls, and let’s get started!

Western Cowboy Games for Kids

Whether you are planning the best western games for a camp, school, Wild West-themed birthday party, or a fun day with the family, these fun activities and cowboy games for kids are sure to be a hit.

Horse Riding Races

The kids will have a blast saddling up for one of our favorite Wild West games. Have the children line up and race on stick horses or get creative and make horses out of pool noodles. To create a pool noodle horse, simply fold the top of the pool noodle and tightly secure it with yarn or twine. Add googly-eyes and a horse mane made of yarn, fabric, or craft foam from your local arts and crafts store.

Perfect for young children, this Wild West activity for kids will surely bring out their inner cowboy. Make sure the young ones don a kid’s cowboy hat so they look the part too!

Homemade Wanted Posters 

Wanted: Billy “Western-Craft-Kid” Johnson

Reward: 10,000 slices of cake!

Make “Wanted” posters at your Wild West-themed party! This Wild West activity for kids is great for a western-themed kids’ event and the perfect addition to any parent’s refrigerator collage of kids’ artwork. 

Take and print a B&W photo of each child, then mount it onto a rectangular piece of poster board or cardstock. Write the word “WANTED” across the top, leaving enough room below the picture for the children to add their own silly misdemeanor or prize for this western craft. 

The kids can decorate their wanted posters with funny cowboy names, silly Wild West crimes like “toy train hijacking” or “cookie jar robbery,” and fun rewards for capturing the fugitive, like 17 stickers or 4 scoops of ice cream. You can also let them dress it up with rope or twine, stickers, and markers. This might, perhaps, be one of the silliest Wild West activities for kids yet.

The Cowboy Lasso Toss

Another one of the best Wild West activities for kids is a round of old school western lasso tossing.  Set up a rocking horse or a sawhorse and let the kids try to toss the lasso around its head. You can use a rope ring or a hula hoop wrapped in rope to make it look more like a lasso. The kids will be competing in the big leagues in no time after playing this fun rodeo game!

Dress up your cowboys and cowgirls in a plaid button-up western shirt for this Wild West game so they look like their favorite rodeo stars.

Beanbag Cowboy Boot Toss

In terms of setting up this cowboy game, this is one of the easiest Wild West activities for kids. Simply line up cowboy boots in a row on a table and then, standing a few feet away from the table, the children toss bean bags at the boots in hopes of knocking them over. It’s a fun twist on a classic carnival game that makes it perfect for a Wild West-themed party. 

Pin the Badge on the Sheriff

A remix of the classic pin the tail on the donkey, the children will love playing the cowboy version of this all-time favorite western party game. To play this Wild West game with the kids simply hang a poster of a cartoon sheriff and print out badges online. Blindfold the players and see who comes the closest to pinning the badge on the sheriff. Write each child’s name on the badge to keep track of where they pinned it. You can even let the kids decorate their badges with markers, glitter, and western stickers. 

Here are some other variations of this Wild West activity for kids: 

  • Pin the tail on the horse
  • Pin the boot on the cowboy
  • Pin the hat on the cowgirl 

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