She Does it Again: Carrie Underwood Celebrates a Number One Hit for the 22nd Time

If you are like most of the customers from Sheplers, you have an undying love for Carrie Underwood.

And why wouldn’t you? With her constant, classic country songs that make you want to dance all night long, fabulous country style that inspires women around the world, and down-to-earth humble personality that makes her relatable to fans everywhere, it is hard not to love her.

Shep Carrie Underwood

Recently, she has given Sheplers customers everywhere one more reason to look up to her; Carrie Underwood just celebrated her 22nd number one hit. Her song, “Smoke Break,” was written by the same person who gave us Underwood classics such as “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

Upon receiving recognition for yet another number one hit, Underwood shared that “I’m so glad to be here celebrating another number one. It never gets old.”

Looking for a way to commemorate the country music star’s most recent accomplishment? Check out these Carrie Underwood-inspired looks from Sheplers, and pick out which one you want to rock first!

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