Sheplers’ Unexpected Uses for Your Kitchen Items

With so many great kitchen items from Sheplers to choose for your home, you may have a hard time choosing which one to use first. Luckily, you don’t have to!

The best part about the western kitchen items from Sheplers is that they can be used for double-duty around your house. Simply check out this list of unexpected uses for your kitchen items from Sheplers, and decide which project you want to tackle first!

Flower Pot Canister. Turn this Demdaco Running Horse Medium Canister into a flower pot by simply adding some soil, flowers, and water. If you want the canister to go more with the kitchen, then try planting cherry tomatoes or herbs in it.

Shep Kitchen 1


Chalkboard Cutting Board. Add some western style to your home by taking some chalkboard paint to this Texas cutting board from Sheplers. Your kids will love it, and it will go perfectly with the rest of your western décor in your home.

Shep Kitchen 2


Coffee Mug Desk Caddy. With this western scroll coffee mug from Sheplers, you can immediately add some country charm to your desk. Simply use your coffee mug as a desk caddy by putting all of your highlights, markers, pens and pencils in it. Voila!

Shep Kitchen 3

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