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A girl can never have too many dresses. They are fun and flirty, and if you pick the right one they can give you a huge boost of confidence when you wear it. Whether it be a formal gown, or a simple sun dress, dresses are a staple in women’s closets everywhere.

When looking for that perfect dress that can be worn all year long, the best kind of dress to look for is a dress that can be dressed up for events like a wedding, but dressed down for evenings going to dinner or to the movies.

Maxi dresses are perfect for anytime of the year because when it gets cold out you can put on a jean jacket and it works perfectly. They can be worn with a pair of flip flops in the summer, a light cardigan and flats during the fall, and a jacket and flats during the winter. You can’t go wrong with a classic maxi dress.

For that everyday get up and go dress, the best kind would be something that isn’t too revealing. A dress that is too short and has a plunging neckline isn’t the greatest pick for when you’re out and about running errands. Something with short sleeves and about knee length will be appropriate for work, school, church, and more.

Headed to graduation for a family member or friend? The dress code is relaxed but should also be nicer than jeans and a t-shirt. This is where a flirty dress with details like embroidery is perfect. This lace dress is a perfect example of what to wear to a graduation.

summer dress

Last, there is that dress that you can wear out at night. The one that is a bit more revealing than the one you can wear for everyday use. It’s what you want to wear to hear your favorite country singer, or what you wear to go line dancing with friends. You can wear heels or cowboy boots, and it looks great either way. Maybe it doesn’t have sleeves, or it is a little bit shorter, or maybe it even has that plunging neckline. Whatever the case, make sure you are comfortable in it.

Whatever your dress needs are, Sheplers has the dress for you, and our selection starts as low as $16.99.

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