Spring Cleaning Your County-Style Clothing

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Spring Cleaning Your Closet: What Western Wear to Keep & Toss

Spring is here, and with it comes the familiar task of spring cleaning. As the weather warms up, it is time to crack open your window, air out your room, and get to work. While you’re at it, don’t forget spring cleaning your closest. When you first throw open your closet doors, it may seem a bit daunting. Western style clothes, cowboy boots, and western accessories are scattering throughout the small cavern, but as a western store online, we are here to help.

How to Clean Out Your Closet

The most daunting part of the spring cleaning of your closest is deciding what to keep and what to toss. At Sheplers, we have the tips you need to decide what western cowboy clothing should make the cut.

Cowboy Boots & Accessories

Tackle your shoes first, since they’re bulky and can take up a lot of space. It’s normal for cowboy boots to experience wear and tear, but if a good boot polishing kit doesn’t help, it may be time to face the facts and toss them. While it’s nice to have a good pair of steel toe work boots that are broken in, ones that are destroyed are an accident waiting to happen. If you have to (or just want to) buy new cowboy boots, we have thousands of styles to choose from to fit your every need with our cowboy boot store. We also have a guide for you on how to break in cowboy boots, so that they fit comfortably in no time. Western wear accessories should be thrown out if they are worn, broken, or visibly dirty.


Western Style Clothinglong sleeve mens western shirt

The next step to spring cleaning your closet is to go through your western style clothing. While a pair of men’s Wrangler jeans can last a long time, it’s time to toss them when new holes start to form and they become frayed, especially in the crotch area. Also check the sizing. If a pair of jeans doesn’t fit well, they’re not worth wearing. When it comes to western shirts or dresses, if you haven’t worn them in the past year, if they don’t fit well, or if they have holes or stains, they should be headed to the trash (or a donation center, if they’re in good shape). With women’s western wear, you can also factor in how in-style the clothing is. Western wear dresses that are from seasons ago may be worth getting rid of.



Most importantly, do not be afraid to toss anything out; you can always replace it with something, newer, better looking, and more comfortable. If your closet is looking a little empty from tossing out western wear that was old and worn, do not worry. At Sheplers, we have all of the country-style clothing that you could possibly need. From women’s fringe handbags to men’s leather jackets, we have you covered.

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