Square Toe, Round Toe or Pointed Toe: The Difference

Laredo Concho Harness Boots
Laredo Concho Harness Boots

With such a wide selection of women’s and men’s cowboy boots, one might feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking the perfect boot to wear. So how do you know which boot is right for you? Do you go with square toe, round toe or pointed toe? As western wear experts, we know all about cowboy boots and have perfected this guide to help you figure out which boot is your style and fit.

What Is a Round Toe Cowboy Boot?

The round toe cowboy boot is a casual style with a more relaxed fit. Subtle and soft, the round toe cowboy boot is more of an everyday boot. Easy to work the barns, wear to casual events and are perfect if your job requires a lot of walking. Unlike the square- and pointed toe, the round toe cowboy boot doesn’t need to be stretched out or broken into. This comfortable cowboy boot style is meant for men or women who have wider feet or hate the feeling of being crammed into a shoe. There is a lot more room for your feet to breathe and easier to wiggle or move your toes around in.

What Is a Square Toe Cowboy Boot?

Vastly different from the round toe cowboy boot, the square toe cowboy boot is a step up from the round toe. While round toe and square toe cowboy boots have been around longer in the western world, the square toe is the latest in cowboy boot fashion. The square toe isn’t so much for functional than it is a fashion statement for a modernized boot. While the round toe cowboy boot is meant for working the barns or more labor-intensive work, the square toe can be used for moderate work.

What Is a Pointed-Toe Cowboy Boot?

The pointed toe cowboy boot is the traditional boot when we think of western wear. Often the pointed toe cowboy boot comes in leather and is known for its exotic styles as well as ostrich or python print. The pointed toe cowboy boot has been around for many years, dating back to the 1950s when it became widely popularized. The pointed cowboy boot is often worn at rodeos, nights out on the town and rodeos. Although one might think your toes will be squished and uncomfortable, that is far from the case. The right pointed toe cowboy boot for you should be snug, but not uncomfortable. It does have a higher arched heel and is not meant to be worn all day.

What Style Boot Is In Fashion?

Want to know which style boot is trending at the moment? The answer is all of them! Trying to decide if square toe, round toe or pointed toe is right for you simply comes down to figuring out what you’re using them for and where you’ll be rocking them. Here at Sheplers, our wide selection of affordable boots include square toe, round toe and pointed toe cowboy boots ranging from exotic leather to stand out prints.

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