Style Inspiration—Blake Shelton

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You can’t talk about country music nowadays without referencing Mr. Blake Shelton. County music star legend, Blake Shelton, has taken the entertainment industry by storm with numerous hit singles since 2001, and an appearance on the popular TV show The Voice, all while rocking a causal and classy style of western cowboy clothing.

How to Dress Like Blake Shelton

man wearing plaid cowboy shirt and black cowboy hat

We may not be able to help you get Blake Shelton’s voice or musical talents, but our western style clothing store can help you get Blake Shelton’s style. At Sheplers, we have the western wear and tips you need to look like Blake Shelton.

Western Wear Shirt

Western wear shirts are a default in Mr. Shelton’s wardrobe. His seems to prefer neutral colors, or a classic plaid western shirt with rolled sleeves. His simple style of shirts makes his wardrobe perfect for everything from the everyday routine of running errands to a walk on the red carpet. If you want to copy Blake Shelton’s style, start by loading up on these basic button-down shirts.


Blake Shelton’s jacket is often what differentiates his outfit from formal to casual. On any regular day, you may find him walking around town in a classic men’s leather jacket on top of one of his many western wear shirts. For more formal occasions like award shows, he will top off his western shirt with a plain, and once again, neutral-colored suit jacket. The jacket is probably unbuttoned, and he may or may not sport a tie. If your closet is currently missing these essentials, a nice black suit jacket is a good start.


Like many country icons, Black Shelton is almost always in a good pair of sturdy jeans. Even on the red carpet, Blake Shelton is not afraid to throw on a pair of jeans. Together his suit jacket and jeans complete his classy, but not too formal look. Check out our Wrangler jeans to find a style that will look good and last.

Complete the Look

At this point, it should come as no surprise that Blake Shelton keeps his wardrobe to a minimum. He may throw on a baseball cap for a day walking about. He doesn’t tend to go for the flashy accessories like some country music stars, but instead defaults to a classic pair of men’s cowboy boots and little else. At our cowboy boot store, we have an expansive selection so that you are sure to find a pair you will love.

Blake Shelton’s western style clothes are a perfect blend of classic comfort and minimalism. His focus on the essentials creates a timeless look good for various occasions. Check out our western store online to get Blake Shelton’s style for yourself.

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