Style Inspiration: Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan style

Most people have a celebrity style icon they look to for inspiration. Luke Bryan is a country music favorite, and aside from his catchy music, he also dresses like a stylish and on trend cowboy. Whether you are a guy looking to emulate Luke Bryan’s style, or a girl looking to dress her cowboy similar to Luke Bryan, we have tips on how to get this boy next door’s look nailed down.

Luke Bryan’s wardrobe usually revolves on around some western style basics, such as:

A fitted baseball cap

A plaid button down shirt or a vintage style men’s t-shirt

Well-fitting jeans, such as Wrangler jeans or Levi’s

Cowboy boots

Luke Bryan style

But aside from the clothes he wears, Luke Bryan has a very distinct attitude that complements his wardrobe. Luke Bryan is a grateful, friendly, family-loving, down to Earth husband and father of two. Definitely someone worth emulating!

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