How to Care for Cowboy Boots in the Summer

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Let’s face it – the summertime can be hard on your cowboy boots. It does not matter how durable they are, sometimes you just can’t beat the summer heat.

However, here at Sheplers we have discovered that what you can do is protect your boots as much as possible. Ensure that your cowboy boots have a long life with this guide from Sheplers on how to care for cowboy boots.

How to Care for Cowboy Boots in the Summer

Step 1: Clean Your Cowboy Boots. Using a slightly damp cloth, brush off any dirt or dust. If there is a particularly stubborn spot that you are having trouble getting clean, then use a toothbrush to carefully dust it off of your cowboy boots, or use cowboy boot cleaner from Sheplers.

Step 2: Condition Your Cowboy Boots. When it comes to how to care for cowboy boots in the summer, conditioning them is one of the most important steps. This is because it will prevent your boots from getting too dry in the summer heat, and thus keep them from cracking. We recommend using a cowboy boot conditioner such as the Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner from Sheplers.

Step 3: Polish Your Cowboy Boots. If you already have some scuffs and scratches on your cowboy boots, then apply a matching leather polish. Put the cowboy boot polish on in light layers, buffing between until you reach the color desired.

With the above tips on how to care for cowboy boots, your boots will make it through many more summers to come.