How To Wear Cowboy Boots in the Fall

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fall cowboy boots

Pumpkin spice, crisp air, and leaves falling can only mean one thing — the fall season is upon us. As we transition from summer to fall fashion, it’s time to bring out your fall cowboy boots. Just because it is getting a little chilly out doesn’t mean you can’t wear cowboy boots in the fall season. Strut the streets in all the latest cowboy boots from your favorite western wear store. Here are a few of the best cowboy boots for the upcoming autumn season. Continue reading “How To Wear Cowboy Boots in the Fall”

Comfortable Cowboy Boots for the Ultimate Cowboy

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Ariat Rambler Cowboy Boots - Square Toe
Ariat Rambler Cowboy Boots - Square Toe

Style isn’t the only thing that matters when searching for a pair of cowboy boots. It’s important to look for comfortable cowboy boots so you can live your life without the aching pains. But are cowboy boots comfortable to wear? Absolutely! As long as you do the proper research, find the right brand and style, and take them for a test ride, you will be able to find the perfect pair of cowboy boots.

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Fashion Inspired By Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt leaning against a wall on set of once upon a time in hollywood
Photo courtesy of IMDb

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the ninth film from Quentin Tarantino. The film set in the late 60s and early 70s serves as an homage to Western cinema mixed with New Hollywood. You will experience the trials and tribulations of the movie industry and trying to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. One of the key aspects of the film is the cowboy fashion and western wear. Sheplers’ western wear stylists are here to share some of the fashion from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood so you can dress like the stars. Continue reading “Fashion Inspired By Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Top Winter Cowboy Boots of 2020

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collection of cowboy boots lined up in a row

Even though the temperatures are quickly dropping, that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your style! It’s time to bring out your signature style and take on the winter season in the hottest trends. Are you unsure how to keep your toes warm without shying away from your style? Our western wear stylists are here to share the top winter cowboy boots of 2020. Continue reading “Top Winter Cowboy Boots of 2020”

Square Toe, Round Toe or Pointed Toe: The difference

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Laredo Concho Harness Boots
Laredo Concho Harness Boots

With such a wide selection of women’s and men’s cowboy boots, one might feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking the perfect boot to wear. So how do you know which boot is right for you? Do you go with square toe, round toe or pointed toe? As western wear experts, we know all about cowboy boots and have perfected this guide to help you figure out which boot is your style and fit.

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Cowboy Boot Buying Guide: Your First Pair of Men’s Cowboy Boots

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cowboy boots

Country and western wear has become increasingly popular in men’s fashion. Country icons such as Garth Books and Alan Jackson love a good, sturdy pair of cowboy boots while country singer Luke Bryan likes something a little more extravagant. At Sheplers Western Wear, we’re sharing a cowboy boot buying guide with some tips you can keep in mind as you purchase your first pair of men’s cowboy boots.

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Top 10 Casual and Formal Work Boots for Men

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fix steel toe work boots

After a long day of work followed by a date night or a birthday celebration, you may be thinking “darn, I do NOT have enough money for two pairs of boots, one for each event, nor enough time to find one pair of boots that will be appropriate for both.” Well, at Sheplers Western Wear we have casual and formal work boots that are stylish and affordable!

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How to Buy Cowboy Boots Online: Tips from the Experts

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rustic cowboy boots

Whether you are browsing our expansive selection of men’s work boots or checking out our women’s riding boots, when you find a pair you like you want to make sure that they will fit. At Sheplers Western Wear, we understand that incorrectly guessing your size and then having to exchange boots for a different size is tedious and time consuming. To try and prevent this from happening, our online boot store has compiled a list of a few tips to help you determine your cowboy boot size.

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When to Wear Ostrich Boots

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sheplers ostrich boots

If you have just gotten a new pair of ostrich boots and you’re wondering when to wear them, the answer to that question is “All the time!” The cold weather has begun, and our stylish ostrich boots are the holiday gift for cowgirls or cowboys.

 ostrich boots

Ostrich Leather

Ostrich leather is a luxurious and durable. The thick leather features the signature goosebumps on most boots. Aside from the luxurious quality of the leather, our ostrich boots are known for being flexible, tactile, and durable.


How to Care for Your Ostrich Boots

Easy and convenient, there isn’t much that goes into the care process of ostrich boots. If your ostrich boots happen to get dirty, all you need to do is simply brush off the dirt with a soft brush, rub the boots with leather conditioner on a damp cloth, and then let the boots dry.


When to Wear Ostrich Boots

Perfect for the casual dinner night out or even when you want to spruce things up! There is no right or wrong way to show off your ostrich Boots. Match it with one of our best coats or surprise your cowgirl with a pair for the holidays. Sheplers Western Wear has a large, unique collection of ostrich boots that will make any cowgirl or cowboy happy. Be bold and let the experts at Sheplers help you pick the perfect pair of ostrich boots.