Famous American Cowboys

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Growing up, chances are that you heard tales of famous American cowboys from the past. The image of a lone cowboy sitting atop his faithful steed, outfitted in cowboy boots, jeans, and a well-broken in pair of jeans, cowboys have captured the nations imaginations for quite some time now – and for a good reason.

Rebels, pioneers, and heroes, take a trip down memory lane by checking out this list from Sheplers of the top famous American cowboys.

Shep Cowboys

Billy the Kid. Famous outlaw, gunfighter, and member of the Regulators gang, Billy the Kid was one of the most feared cowboys in the Old West.

Buffalo Bill. The founder of the first famous cowboy shows; you know this cowboy from the original Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show.

Annie Oakley. The star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Annie Oakley proved that some cowgirls are better sharpshooters than even the most famous American cowboys.

Pawnee Bill. Creator of the Wild West show: “Pawnee Bill’s Historic Wild West,” Pawnee Bill later teamed up with Buffalo Bill.