Get Excited for Your Summer Vacation with New Luggage

Show off your country style everywhere you travel, and never let your luggage slide by on the airport carousel ever again. Sheplers, the best of all western stores online, shares a unique selection of western luggage pieces for you to take on all your adventures around the world!

With more than just a spacious interior, this two-wheeled Filson carry-on western luggage bag has leather construction and numerous pockets. This stylish and functional carry-on luggage makes it easy to pack up and head off for a business trip or a short weekend getaway.

Don’t forget to pair it up with the Filson Travel Pack! Made with tear-resistant matte nylon, this travel bag is just as durable as its western luggage counterpart. Keep your toiletries neatly organized and tucked away with none other than a quality product, built to last.

Travel in style with a smooth leather luggage bag embellished in floral tooled leather accents! With two fancy silver-toned buckles at the front flap, and two inline skate wheels for easily mobility, traveling is as fashionable as it is easy! There are three zippered compartments in this piece of western luggage, and a combination lock included.


Built for the longest of all commutes, the Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag is tough and very durable. The large main compartment can carry tools, cords, and any other equipment you need. You can carry it all with ease considering the removable, adjustable shoulder strap with padding for ultimate convenience. Not to mention, this gear bag is made from 1200D Poly with Rain Defender durable water repellent, as well as Duravax so you couldn’t ask for anything more tough than Carhartt!


You get nothing but quality western wear and accessories when shopping with Sheplers, the best of all western stores online. Gear up for endless adventures with durable western luggage from Sheplers western wear.

The Only Three Things You Need to Pack for a Weekend Vacation

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The last thing you want to do when packing for a summer vacation is to over pack. After all, who wants to spend all that travel time dragging around overloaded suitcases?

With all the leather luggage sets from Sheplers, it can be hard to choose between which one you want to take on your long-awaited trip. But with all of these options, you can rest assured that there are only three items you need to make sure that you pack for a weekend vacation.

Summer Dress

If you are unsure of how the weather will be on your weekend vacation, then a summer dress is a ‘must’ to include in your suitcase. It will take you from day to night and from cold to hot, with the simple addition of a cardigan. Luckily, Sheplers has plenty of western-inspired cardigan options to choose from!

Shep Dress

Sun Hat

Not only are most sun hats lightweight and easy to pack, but they are a necessity for beach destinations. Make sure to shield your skin from the sun and don’t forget to pack a sun hat for your weekend vacation.

Shep Sun Hat

Day to Night Sandal

Pack a sandal that will take you from day to night so you have a shoe option for any occasion. Bringing a chic open toe sandal will allow you to pair it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a sun dress for night.

Shep Sandal

Rodeos to Attend This Summer

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The summertime means one thing; it’s time to put on your favorite Sheplers cowboy boots, best-fitting Wrangler jeans, your most reliable felt cowboy hat and head on over to the one of the many rodeos that go on all summer long. Regardless if you are a regular at this season’s best rodeos or you are just looking to see what it is all about, then there are plenty of rodeo events that happen all summer long.

Shep Rodeos to AttendPhoto Source: Al Braunworth Photography

 All across America, cowboys or just those who are huge fans of them, can watch live rodeo shows, enjoy witnessing some of the best horses and livestock in action for miles around, and rock their best country gear. Don’t worry, if you do not have cowboy-approved attire, then gallop on over to Sheplers for the rodeo-ready outfit you have been looking for.

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

For 12 weeks this summer, from June 5th until August 29th in Mesquite, Texas, get ready for action packed, good ole-fashioned western fun. A rodeo that the whole family can attend, they have everything from face painting for kids, autographs from the cowboys, pony rides, a petting zoo and a delicious barbecue pavilion. And trust us, you will not want to miss the championship finals on August 28th and 29th, featuring the best of the best cowboys and cowgirls.

Stockyards Rodeo

Home to the first indoor rodeo since 1918, Stockyards Rodeo in Fort Worth, Texas is also the world’s only year-round rodeo. With events every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy, from Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show to the Cowtown Coliseum.

Pendleton Round-Up

Held in Pendleton, Oregon since 1910, the Pendleton Round-Up is still one of the largest rodeos in the world. Aside from Pendleton being one of the first rodeos to have women compete, to this day they still have bareback and saddle bronc riding, team roping, bull riding, Indian relay races, wild cow milking, and a children’s rodeo and a parade from September 16th to 19th.

Three Best Places for Cowboys to Visit This Summer

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Now that the summertime is here, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone here at Sheplers will be taking advantage of those vacation days that we have been saving up. Since we already have our luggage set picked out and ready to go at any moment’s notice, the only thing left to figure out is the fun part – choosing where to go!

Since your cowboy has worked long and hard for that long-awaited summer break, why not help him choose the best place to go? With so many options, he will have a hard time choosing between these three best places for cowboys to visit this summer.

Shep Yosemite 2

Yosemite National Park

The perfect fusion between outdoors and relaxation, at Yosemite National Park your cowboy can choose between doing the day hike or kickin’ his boots up and hangin’ up his cowboy hat for a minute.

Guinness Brewery

This is the best place to venture to for those who have never been abroad yet. After your cowboy takes the brewery tour of Ireland’s trademark beer, he can have a pint (or two) at some of Dublin’s famous pubs.


Sure, we have all heard about the famed Oktoberfest, but how many people actually get the chance to go and see it for themselves? Between beer and bratwurst, your cowboy will have the time of his life in Munich.

Beat the Heat with YETI Coolers

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In this heat, there really is no other option than YETI Coolers. Just ask any outdoor enthusiast, tailgater, backyard barbecue king, and all those who are wild at heart who swear by YETI Coolers for all of their outdoor adventures.

Shep Yeti Merch 2

Made by two brothers who were done with the frustration of having to constantly use coolers that were not up to par for their outdoor adventures, the two decided to find a way to avoid the constant struggle of having to deal with broken handles, latches that would snap off and lids that would cave in.

Their genius invention – YETI Coolers.  Created for the serious outdoor enthusiast, as opposed to the mass discount retailers, these heavy duty coolers keep your beverages ice cold for your longest of summer events and activities. Built to be indestructible and keep ice cool for days, YETI Coolers are your tailgate’s best friend and you can find them at country western retailer, Sheplers.


3 Hats You Need to Beat the Summer Sun

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Now that summer is officially here, so is the heat and sun that comes along with it. Don’t get discouraged though – the sunshine is nothing that a little sunscreen and a great hat can’t fix! Aside from making everyone look like a possible celebrity, a hat is a great way to hide your hair after a day of humidity. These three hats from Sheplers will without a doubt take you through summer and into fall without having to sacrifice your style.

Cowgirl Hat

Shep Hats 1For those who rock a more casual look during the summer, this straw cowgirl hat is perfect to throw on with your jeans and a t-shirt, while adding a pop of turquoise color. Straw cowgirl hats are also the perfect way to add a country-girl flair to a cute sundress or jean skirt and cowgirl boots!


Baseball Cap

Shep Hats 2Just because you have to keep working outside during the summer, does not mean that you can’t look great while doing it! A baseball cap with a feminine twist will allow you to rock your hair in a ponytail, while still looking stylish.


Classic Sun Hat

Shep Hats 3Always a classic, you cannot go wrong with a wide-brimmed sun hat during summertime. Forever stylish, great at blocking the sun, and goes with almost any sundress in your closet – chances are, you will want to rock this hat every day!

Outfits for Your Kids’ Summer Break

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School is finally out for summer, and that means that your kids will have plenty of time to run around outside under the sun. Why not make sure that they have outfits that will last them throughout the entire summer AND that they will love?

They will love rocking a cowboy hat of their own! For girls – a hat with a pink ribbon around it will ensure that she will not want to take it off all summer long. For boys – a cowboy hat just like dad’s, will make sure that they avoid any unwanted sunburns this summer.

Shep Summer Kids 1

A pair of cowboy boots will also allow your kids to run around and have all the fun they want, while still protecting their feet and even ankles. Your daughter will love the embroidered boots we have at Sheplers, while your son can choose boots in his favorite color.

Shep Summer Kids 2

Items That Will Make Your Summer Road Trip Easier

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Perhaps one of the best ways to feel the wind in your face, the summer road trip is a rite of passage that every family needs to make at some point or another. Feel daunted by the thought of trying to organize everyone, along with planning the perfect trip? Have no fear, Sheplers has made a list to ensure that you avoid as many bumps in the road as possible when it comes to your family summer road trip.

  1. Chargers. Invest in a charger that will allow you to charge multiple devices and avoid an all-out electronic battle every time two people are at 1%. Make sure to invest in a phone case that will protect it from all of the adventures you go on throughout your trip as well; like a life-proof, water-proof case for underwater pictures if you’re feeling really adventurous.Shep Summer Road Trip 3
  2. Entertainment. Especially if you are traveling with kids, you will want to make sure that they are entertained for most of the drive. Play games that require little room to play and also keep everyone engaged; such as license plate bingo. The first person to get a row out of the 50 states wins a milkshake!
  3. Luggage. Efficient luggage is crucial to maximizing the amount of room in you have in your car. Choose luggage that will allow you to organize all of your belongings, along with protecting them at the same time. Especially if you are bringing items like your precious cowboy hat – invest in a hard shell hat can, so that your hat holds its shape throughout the whole trip.Shep Summer Road Trip 2
  4. Playlist. What is a road trip without the perfect playlist? Play the soundtrack from your favorite travel film or create the ultimate driving playlist from your own personal collection, making you want to drive for hours on end so that you don’t miss any of your favorite jams!

And with that, you’re ready to hit the road!

4 Reasons to Get Excited When it Rains

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Summer showers do not mean that you have to choose between wearing cute shoes and gambling on whether or not your shoes will survive trudging through puddles until August. You don’t have to risk getting caught in a sun shower in your favorite Minnetonka sandals. Instead, rock one of these show-stopping (hopefully rain stopping) rain boots from Sheplers! You may even find that you hope it rains on your parade, just so you have an excuse to rock your new favorite rain boots.

Shep RB 1

Blazin Roxx Women’s Rocki Sugar Skull Rain Boots

Shep RB 2

Roper Neoprene Shaft Rubber Boots

 Shep RB 3

Blazin Roxx Leanne Chevron Rain Boots

Shep RB 4

Bogs Women’s North Hampton Black Floral Waterproof Boots