Sheplers Cowboy Luggage for Traveling This Winter

If you have found yourself with travel plans this winter, then luggage is likely on your list of priorities. Sheplers’ cowboy luggage is amongst the finest quality and style luggage that you are likely to find.

Hard Shell Hat Cans

If you are traveling with your cowboy hat, you need to take care of it with the same care you give it every day. The Sheplers’ single hat cans and double stack hat cans are exactly what you need. These rigid cases form a protective encasing around your cowboy hat or hats, and keep them in their original condition. These cases are the quintessential cowboy luggage necessity.

Lake Tahoe Sports Bag

For the gentleman out there, the Bandana by American West Charcoal Lake Tahoe Sports Bag is the perfect choice for stylish and classy cowboy luggage. The bag is available in light or dark brown and the quality speaks for itself.

Laptop Briefcase

Of course, when you are traveling you want to keep yourself connected to that wild world around you, so Sheplers American West Leather Laptop Briefcase is how you can carry around your laptop in true cowboy style. The detail in the leather work is incredible!

Zip Leather Rodeo Bag

For ladies or gentleman, the American West Fancy Zip Leather Rodeo Bag is the top of the line, American made leather bag. It’s sturdy, beautifully made and it embodies the style of the American west. The bag is only available in tan brown because the work put into each one takes a lot of time. The designs are beautiful and unmatched!

Family Vacation Destinations

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Traveling with the entire family does not have to be stressful, nor does it have to be boring. Just because you have all ages traveling with you for summer vacation this year, from young kids to teens to adults, does not mean that one person has to compromise in order for the rest of the family to have fun. In fact, out of these three best family vacation destinations, you will have trouble deciding which trip you will want to take first, and your family will love picking out some outdoor apparel for the trip as well.

Shep Vacation Destinations


Perfect for the family that likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible, get ready to put on a brand-new pair of Wolverine hiking boots because Yellowstone has over 3,000-plus square miles of mountains, canyons, geysers and waterfalls to explore. Expect to run into buffalo, elk and maybe even the occasional grizzly bear throughout your outdoor adventures; regardless, the whole family will find something fun to do on this outdoor adventure, just make sure that everyone has the appropriate outdoor attire.

Orlando-Walt Disney World

Just throw on your colorful quilted backpack and get ready to discover countless water parks, the famous Walt Disney World, and the roller coasters at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. However, the young ones are not the only ones that will enjoy Orlando’s charm; aside from theme parks, there are world-renowned golf courses that you will not want to miss, along with a beautiful downtown area that has more retail stores and restaurants than you will be able to visit.


This Southern city truly has something for every member in your family. Your family will not be able to pack their leather duffel bag fast enough. Once there, shopaholics can explore the Charleston City Market, Civil War buffs can head to Fort Sumter, and then the whole family can spend the day at one of the city’s many beach towns like Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palm and Folly Beach. Foodies should get ready to try Charleston’s delicious Southern cuisine. Even when it is not the city’s Restaurant Week, the many low-country restaurants feature some of the best meals in the South.

The Only Three Things You Need to Pack for a Weekend Vacation

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The last thing you want to do when packing for a summer vacation is to over pack. After all, who wants to spend all that travel time dragging around overloaded suitcases?

With all the leather luggage sets from Sheplers, it can be hard to choose between which one you want to take on your long-awaited trip. But with all of these options, you can rest assured that there are only three items you need to make sure that you pack for a weekend vacation.

Summer Dress

If you are unsure of how the weather will be on your weekend vacation, then a summer dress is a ‘must’ to include in your suitcase. It will take you from day to night and from cold to hot, with the simple addition of a cardigan. Luckily, Sheplers has plenty of western-inspired cardigan options to choose from!

Shep Dress

Sun Hat

Not only are most sun hats lightweight and easy to pack, but they are a necessity for beach destinations. Make sure to shield your skin from the sun and don’t forget to pack a sun hat for your weekend vacation.

Shep Sun Hat

Day to Night Sandal

Pack a sandal that will take you from day to night so you have a shoe option for any occasion. Bringing a chic open toe sandal will allow you to pair it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a sun dress for night.

Shep Sandal