The Perfect Cowgirl Halloween Costume

three girls dressed in cowgirl costume

It is that time of year again to start searching for Halloween costume ideas. You could go with any character or career, or you could take the DIY route and put together the perfect cowgirl Halloween costume. Here at Sheplers, that would be our vote, and we can help you put it together. 

There are a few styles you can try for your cowgirl costume:

  • Wrangler – The more authentic western style and look
  • Rodeo Princess – This one is for our little western princesses 
  • Gunslinger – A wild west kind of costume

How To Make a Cowgirl Costume

These costumes, no matter which style you go with, are easy to put together and are sure to bring a smile to your cowgirl’s face! You will want to focus on the key pieces to each style – the hat, the boots, the outfit, and, of course, the accessories. 

Wrangler Style 

To accomplish this authentic look, you’ll need a white, long sleeve shirt, an old pair of jeans, and feel free to add some suede fringe to a vest or to your jeans to make them look like chaps. Add a cowboy hat and some extra accessories such as a lasso or a bandana around your neck, and don’t forget a pair of cowboy boots. For an extra touch, tie your hair in traditional or braided pigtails!

Rodeo Princess

This is a great look for kids! If your little one loves cowboys and princesses and doesn’t want to pick between the two, then combine them! Add a cute tiara to a cowboy hat, add a tutu to her cowboy chaps, and bedazzle any western thing you can get your hands on. Adding glitter to the traditional cowgirl costume will help anyone become a rodeo princess. 


For this look, you’ll want to go a little darker, so black clothes are best! The key accessory, though, is a snazzy belt and holster and the fake weapon to fill it. Now decide whether you want to be a good guy or not. If you join the good side, buy a fake badge. If you’ve seen any western show or film, you know that the gunslinger needs a nice pair of cowboy boots adorned with spurs. Put all that together and add a cowboy hat and some fringe gloves, and you are ready to roll!

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