Things to Do for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it is time to whip out the charm and lasso your loved one in. Chocolate, heart-shaped candy, and mushy cards are a must, but why not take it to the next level? Here at Sheplers, the men’s western wear store, we have just the right ideas for you to saddle up and make your Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one.

Go Horseback Riding. Take a little excursion on the outskirts of your town with some beautiful stallions. Enjoy the scenery or find some trails out at one of the parks near your residence.

Take a stroll along the river. If you have any rivers nearby, Sheplers men’s western wear agrees that this is one of the perfect places to take a date. If your river of choice is away from restaurants and other establishments, bring a picnic basket and blanket for a romantic, quiet evening while watching the setting sun.

Stay at a bed and breakfast. If you are looking to get this Valentine’s Day, get acquainted with the Southern hospitality offered at a bed and breakfast for you and your significant other. Bed and breakfasts are usually located within walking distance of lovely places to go in town.

Go to a vineyard. There is nothing better than roaming rows of grape vines with the love of your life. Visit your local vineyard where you can tour the facility or just enjoy the scenery with local wines and your significant other.

Sheplers men’s western wear store says you can also go stargazing, go on a train ride, enjoy a movie in an upscale theater, go on a dinner cruise, or just simply watch the sunset in a place of your choice.

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