Things We Love About Fall

Now that we have fully transitioned into fall, we get to enjoy some our favorite things about the season. From the weather to the food, there is plenty to enjoy. Here are our favorites.

Fall beer. These days, many companies offer a seasonal beer, and the fall brew is typically one of the best. From Sam Adams seasonal, to hard apple ciders and pumpkin ales, there is plenty that comes out during fall to keep your beer loving tastebuds entertained.

Sweater weather. Bid farewell to the excruciating heat and humidity and get snuggled up in your favorite sweater.

Football season. ‘Nuff said. Embrace the season with college football cowboy boots.

Halloween movies. From comedic films like Hocus Pocus to all around fright fests, there is a plethora of spooky films online to keep you entertained throughout October.

Changing leaves. Fall hues in nature are some of the most beautiful, and the leaves turning from green to orange to brown is a magical treat from Mother Nature.

New TV lineups. The fall is when our favorite shows come back for a new season, and when new shows start to grace the standard TV lineup.

Daylight savings time. Sleeping in an extra hour? Yep, we can get excited about that.

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