Things We Love About the Country



From the great outdoors to the Southern hospitality, places without roads and fences to front porch rocking chairs, there is a lot to love about the country. Sheplers, your one stop shop for all things western wear, has compiled a short list of things we love about the country. Great chances are you love these things just as much as we do.

The peace and quiet. Going from the city to the country is a big difference. When it’s quiet outside, you can hear all the peaceful noises of the country, like the bird chirping, the rain falling, the horses neighing, the roosters crowing, and the wind rustling the trees. Even more lovely is the sound of the crickets and other insects at sundown.

Your friendly neighbors. People out in the country tend to be close-knit. You know in the movies where a character knocks on their neighbor’s door? Sheplers western wear says it’s just like that.

The stars. From the lack of lights illuminating out of skyscrapers, you can thoroughly enjoy the night sky for all that it’s worth from here on earth.

The room for farming and gardening. Sheplers western wear agrees that the best meals are the ones that are made from love, out of ingredients straight from your own sources. You can’t grow a garden or raise livestock anywhere else, and that’s what we love about the country.

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