Three Best Places for Cowboys to Visit This Summer

Now that the summertime is here, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone here at Sheplers will be taking advantage of those vacation days that we have been saving up. Since we already have our luggage set picked out and ready to go at any moment’s notice, the only thing left to figure out is the fun part – choosing where to go!

Since your cowboy has worked long and hard for that long-awaited summer break, why not help him choose the best place to go? With so many options, he will have a hard time choosing between these three best places for cowboys to visit this summer.

Shep Yosemite 2

Yosemite National Park

The perfect fusion between outdoors and relaxation, at Yosemite National Park your cowboy can choose between doing the day hike or kickin’ his boots up and hangin’ up his cowboy hat for a minute.

Guinness Brewery

This is the best place to venture to for those who have never been abroad yet. After your cowboy takes the brewery tour of Ireland’s trademark beer, he can have a pint (or two) at some of Dublin’s famous pubs.


Sure, we have all heard about the famed Oktoberfest, but how many people actually get the chance to go and see it for themselves? Between beer and bratwurst, your cowboy will have the time of his life in Munich.

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