Three Cowboy Movies You Must See

Looking to kick off your cowboy boots and unwind for the night? Then let Sheplers help that dream become a reality.

Shep July Blog 6

Make some popcorn, grab the remote, and settle in for a relaxing night with one of these cowboy movie recommendations from Sheplers.

City Slickers. In the midst of a mid-life crisis, Mitch (Billy Crystal) and his friends spontaneously decide to go on a Wild West cattle drive. Consider this one of the only cowboy movies that can make you laugh, reflect, and feel inspired all at the same time.

The Cowboys. If you are looking for classic cowboy movies, then The Cowboys featuring John Wayne has your name written all over it. A favorite film here at Sheplers, this coming-of-age story features one of Wayne’s best performances.

Open Range. Think that there are no new cowboy movies reminiscent of classic western films? Think again. Featuring Kevin Costner as the Charley Waite, Open Range proves that the characters in new cowboy movies have the same old-fashioned values, and aren’t afraid to act on them.

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