Toe Shape Guide for Buying Cowboy Boots

When buying cowboy boots, it is not only important to pay attention to the material of the shoe, but also the toe shape. Cowboy boot manufacturers have their own specific names for the shapes of the toes on the boots that they produce; however, there is a general toe shape guide that everyone can follow. Sheplers provides you with the information you need regarding the common toe shape guide that can help you the next time you are buying cowboy boots.

Pointed Toe Cowboy Boots
Pointed toe cowboy boots have become increasingly popular in modern day fashion, but have been around since about the 1950s. Although manufacturers take the room requirements into consideration when producing this style of boot, the sharp, narrow tip is not the best style for cowboys and cowgirls with broad feet.

Snip Toe Cowboy Boots
Snip toe cowboy boots are a slightly blunted version of the pointed toe. It is a style right in the middle of the square toe and pointed toe boots. The snip toe has a more formal look than the square toe, but still casual enough to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. This style of boot is most popular amongst females for the versatility, for we call them snip toe cowgirl boots.

Round Toe Cowboy Boots
Round toe cowboy boots are very comfortable boots. Most suitable for a casual boot, round toe cowboy boots allow the toes some extra room to spread out when walking or roping in a rodeo.

Square Toe Cowboy Boots
Square toe cowboy boots are a fashion statement with great functionality. Riding boots and walking boots are found in mostly square toe styles, allowing for perfect placement in stirrups and support when dismounting.

You can find these toe shape styles and more in our Sheplers catalog. We hope this toe shape guide helps when you are buying cowboy boots!

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