Top Places in the West to Visit on an All-American Road Trip


The thought of hitting the road with nothing but your cowboy boots and your best friends has made it to the top of bucket lists for years, and will continue to do so for years to come. Sheplers men and women’s western wear appreciates everything about America and its winding roads. When the day comes for you to embark on your very own American road trip, consider this list of top places to pull over and park when you are on the west coast.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most amazing sites in the entire world. You may have seen photos of this utopia, but Sheplers knows that nothing does it justice than seeing it with your very own eyes.

Lake Tahoe in California is the largest alpine lake in North America. The sparkling blue water and mountains make Lake Tahoe one of the most beloved areas of nature in the United States.

Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona is a wonderland created by rushing water through rock. If you are traveling anywhere between the months of March and October, you can view spectacular light beans captured by the bright red walls of the canyon, just don’t forget to purchase men’s western wear boots and appropriate apparel for trekking the canyon.

Big Sur in California is a beautiful stretch of coastline with some of the most breathtaking views. Sheplers suggests driving down the entire 90-mile road known as the Pacific Coast Highway, or Highway 1, and don’t forget to pack a Yeti cooler with everything you need to make the day extra special with no pit-stops for food and drinks.

There are hundreds of other beautiful places to visit on an American road trip, such as Mount Rainier National Park in Washington, Monument Valley in Utah and Arizona, and the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. Sheplers western wear has everything you need to make your trip memorable and simple! All you need is a travel bag, some hiking boots, a Yeti, jeans or shorts, and one or two flannels to make your trip rugged and one to remember.

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