Turquoise: A Classic Western Trend

Whether it’s with a pair of earrings or with an embellished belt buckle, turquoise has been a long running hue for cowgirl style and western trends. While it is a beautiful color, you might not know the history behind turquoise and the reasons it became such a staple in western fashion past and present.

Turquoise was a revered stone by many civilizations, from Persia to Navajo Indians, and many cultures in between. It is considered true that the Native American use of turquoise in fashion and attire is what transitioned the color into western and cowboy culture. Tourists began craving the color and the bright material, and the demand for the authentic (and reproduced) Native American wares grew. Turquoise jewelry has maintained popularity ever since.

Southwestern fashion and artwork often contains turquoise. If you are looking for turquoise cowboy boots or other unique and colorful western wear, be sure to check out our site for western products that are also made with top tier craftsmanship.

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