Wearing and Handling Felt Cowboy Hats

If you have just purchased one of the many felt cowboy hats from Sheplers, you should be aware of how to wear it, and furthermore, how to take care of it. There are a few do’s and don’ts regarding wearing and handling felt cowboy hats, so Sheplers has compiled a short guide for you to consider. Following this list will help you keep your cowboy hat in tip-top shape.

  • Cowboy Hats Have a “Restful Stance”

You never want to set your cowboy hat on a flat surface with the brim-side down. Over time, your hat will start to lose its shape. Sheplers suggests resting your hat with the crown on the bottom. Your hat’s “restful stance” will be it sitting upside down. If you do not have a table to rest is on, hang the hat on a hat stand; thus, supporting the crown and avoiding any stress on the brim.

  • The Bow Goes to the Back

The tiny bow inside of felt cowboy hats indicate the back of your hat, just like a tag would to a shirt or pair of pants. Make sure to wear your cowboy hat correctly on your head.

  • Handle Your Hat by the Crown

In order to avoid causing any flexing or bending of the brim, lightly grasp the crown when removing your hat from your head. If you flex or bend one of your felt cowboy hats, it will lose its natural ability to maintain its shape.

  • Brush Your Hat Regularly

Felt cowboy hats should be brushed regularly with a brim brush. This will keep your hat free of dust and dirt. Make sure when brushing, you are working in a counter clockwise direction. On the underside of the brim, it is ideal to brush in a clockwise motion.

  • Have Etiquette

One of the most important rules of wearing cowboy hats is to have etiquette. When entering a building, make sure to remove your hat. Your hat must also be removed when sitting down at a table to eat. Most importantly, Sheplers warns you to never mess with another cowboy’s hat. Cowboy hats are personal and not something to be passed around.


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