Wearing Steel Toe Boots at Work

Shoes may not seem as critical to a hazardous work place as protective eyewear is, but it truly is important to invest in safety footwear if there is any possibility of getting hurt on a job site. Safety shoes, such as steel toe boots, have many other functions other than just protecting your toes from injury. There are many reasons as to why you should probably be wearing steel toe boots at your workplace, and Sheplers is here to share the information.

Wearing steel toe boots may be mandatory at your job. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration and the U.S. Department for Labor may require that your workplace requires its employees to wear steel toe boots or other safety shoes.

Steel toe boots help prevent injuries other than just falling objects. They can help prevent injury when there is a slip and fall. Sturdy safety shoes, like Ariat work boots, can certainly prevent crushing injuries.

Safety boots with steel toes can also help alleviate the discomfort that comes with standing for long periods of time. Many of the work boots in the Sheplers catalog come with comfort technology, so you can still keep your feet safe without having to sacrifice comfort.

Steel toe safety boots can also protect from electrical hazards. Chances are if you work in a facility that requires steel toe boots, electricity poses risks. Non-conductive footwear made out of leather, rubber, or other materials that do not conduct electricity can prevent static electricity build-up, which better prevents from static electricity shock.

Steel toe boots do not only serve extreme functionality, but certain styles are also very fashionable. Some brands, like Justin Original Work Boots, have many different colors and styles for men and women. Aside from being steel toe, comfortable, and stylish, most Justin boots are waterproof.

Check out the wide selection of steel toe boots and other work wear essentials in the Sheplers catalog today!

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