Western Date Ideas

Whether you are going on a date with someone for the first time, or you are simply looking for new date ideas to keep things interesting, there are many western inspired dates that you can go on with our significant other to keep the excitement alive and well.

Picnic. For a couple of lovebirds who enjoy the outdoors, a picnic makes perfect sense. Indulge in the fresh air and relax outdoors with home prepared meals and sunshine.

Concert. There is nothing like a live show of country music to get you snuggling with your sweetie. Go see musicians like Tim McGraw or Blake Shelton for a nostalgic and romantic evening out.

Football game. Show your team spirit while rocking your cowboy boots and enjoying ice-cold beer. Few things are most celebratory that a football game, and they are a great place to build lasting memories.

Fishing. Either rent a boat or use one that belongs to a friend and spend the day on the ocean searching for your dinner. Fishing is enjoyable at all ages, and for the non-fisherman, you can also enjoy the sun and the ocean breeze. Just remember to pack your SPF!

Those are some of our favorite country lifestyle inspired date ideas. What are your favorite things to do with your significant other?

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