Western Fashion and High Fashion Collide

Now that those high fashion runway looks are becoming toned down every day looks, it is high time that you start to fill your wardrobe western looks. Of course the everyday fashionista won’t be able to afford the high price tag price that comes along with runway fashions, but there is good news. Here at Sheplers, you can trust that we have all of the biggest statement looks while still having prices that won’t break the bank.

Clearly the looks on the runway are looks are not everyday going to the grocery store or going out with friends, but a toned down version can easily be worn for such casual events. A simple little black dress like this one is a good alternative to the first dress. Worn with a simple pair of booties and a hat, you have the perfect toned down version of a runway outfit.

For the second outfit a nice choice would be this simple comfy casual dress, maybe with a printed vest over it to throw in a little extra flair. It can be worn with almost any pair of shoes, and this high fashion has now become a day to day look for you.

And for the third outfit, this black dress is a quite a cute alternative. Not only is it less risqué, but it is also cute without being too much or too little. Add a pair of booties and you’re good for the day, or  add some heels and you are ready for a night on the town with your girls.

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