Western Saloons You Need to Visit

Admit it – there’s been a time or two where you wondered what it would be like to walk your American cowboy boots into one of the western saloons from the Old West. Little did you know that that dream can easily become a reality.

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When the Pioneer Inn and Tavern Law passed in 1832, establishments were finally allowed to serve alcohol without forcing a customer to rent a room for the night. From there, western saloons started popping up all over the country, attracting the likes of cowboys, miners, pioneers, settlers, and trappers. While western saloons are a crucial part of American history, they are swiftly disappearing.

Use your summer vacation in order to experience the history of western saloons; simply put on your American cowboy boots and start making your way through this list of the western saloons you need to visit before their kind disappears.

  1. Merger Bar – San Antonio, TX. Known as one of the oldest bars in America, prepare to feel transported back in time after kicking up your American cowboy boots for a drink or two.
  2. Crystal Palace – Tombstone, AZ. Originally built in 1879 as the Golden Eagle Brewery, Crystal Place is a popular spot for locals such as Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday.
  3. Buckhorn Exchange – Denver, CO. Found in 1893, this is one of the western saloons founded by an original cowboy of the Wild West, Henry H. “Shorty Scout” Zietz.

Before you head out to these western saloons, make sure you have the right pair American cowboy boots in order to really fit the part.

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