Western Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost here, and if you love the idea of dressing up as much as we do, you know the importance of a great costume. We have a few ideas to help you make this Halloween a memorable and festive experience.

Scarecrow: Easy enough, a scarecrow really just requires classic farmer wear such as plaid shirts, Wrangler jeans, and some straw sticking out of your sleeves and jeans. Bonus points for playing with face paint and drawing a more straw like face. Hats are also appreciated with this costume.

Cowboy: Almost the same clothing required as the scarecrow, the cowboy also requires some cowboy boots and a great cowboy hat. Big belt buckles can be added for authenticity, and maybe you can get a friend (or two) to dress like a horse.

Tombstone gangster: This throwback costume is inspired by the period in time where the west was being mined for gold. Think pinstripes, a pistol, and a thick and groomed mustache.

These are some of our favorite Halloween costumes that you can create from everyday wear, well except maybe for the gangster. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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