Western Wardrobe Essentials to Keep You Warm this Winter

Fall is in full effect, and for us, that means shopping for some of our favorite winter wardrobe pieces to stay warm and cozy. If you haven’t done your fall/winter shopping yet, we suggest you start preparing to do it soon.


The classic staple year round, jeans are a practical item in the fall. Wear them in a variety of cuts and washes. Stiff denim can go for days without laundering, such as Stetson, but jeans with any LYCRA or stretch will require more washes to keep them fitted.


How we love our cowboy boots! Thankfully, the cooler temps make them a practical and stylish option. With various colors, patterns, toe shapes and shaft lengths, you’ll have to know what you are looking for when it comes to boots.


What says fall more than a cozy flannel shirt? Men, women, and children—we have the plaid shirts you are looking for to outfit the whole family.

Pair these three items together, and you’ve got a versatile, practical, and no-nonsense look to wear this fall and winter. Happy shopping this season and stay warm.

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