Western Wedding Wishlist

western wedding wishlist

If you’re going to be wearing fancy cowgirl boots on your big day, your cowgirl style can extend from your feet to your wedding wishlist! A typical wedding wishlist is bound to consist of things for the kitchen, the living room, etc., but it’s time to spice it up, cowgirl. Sheplers, your one stop shop for all things men and women’s western wear, share some ideas for your western wedding and what to have on your wishlist.


Koozies – Koozies are everyone’s favorite party favor, especially when it comes to wedding favors. Koozies should take up a top spot on your wedding wishlist. Pick a funny western wedding koozie saying to have printed on inexpensive drink holders to make your event unforgettable. Some of our favorites are:

  • ROPED & TIED (with one spouse lassoing the other)
  • We came for the I Do’s and stayed for the free booze
  • Cheers to many years and cold beers
  • Left the farm and hay to marry my best friend today
  • Let’s party ‘til the cows come home


Mason Jars – Every western wedding wishlist must include mason jars. Mason jars are a staple for all things country. A fun and unique way to enjoy your favorite spirits is in these little mason jar shot glasses.


Bride and Groom Cowboy Hats – As the Rodeo Queen and the Bull Rider, a white cowgirl hat for the bride and a black cowboy hat for the groom are ideal party favors for the big day!


Why A Wedding Wishlist?

A western wedding wishlist will not only help you prepare for your wedding day, but will also help your guests buy gifts or contribute towards gifts you want and love. A wishlist can work for before, during, and after the wedding.

If you’re unsure of where to start, start at Sheplers! We’re one of the best western stores online that offers western style clothes and other pieces that will work great for a wedding. Shop Sheplers now.

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