What are Sheplers Work Boots Made Of?




As part of a compliance with safety and health regulations introduced in 1994, many industrial companies require their employees to wear work boots. Protective footware is important in industries that involve things like:

Cold weather

Sharp objects


Molten metals


Electrical hazards

Slippery Surfaces

 A good pair of work boots can not only protect you from accidents, but also keep you comfortable over a long shift in almost any work environment. Quality work boots can make all the difference in your work day.

Sheplers work boots are made with a variety of materials, mainly leather, rubber, and canvas. At Sheplers.com you can choose from steel toe, composite safety toe, comfort tech, waterproof, slip resistant, snake proof, electric hazard, and insulated boots for your work site.

Laying a foundation for worker safety starts from the ground up. Sheplers offers a variety of work boots that are both stylish and durable for safety on any job site.

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