What to Expect At Your First Country Concert

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There is no greater feeling than attending your first country concert. From the loud music to seeing your idols sing live to coordinating your best western wear outfits in the nation; country concerts are a big deal. But if you have never attended one or a little anxious about what you can expect, Jack Rickles from Rhythm & Boots NYC shared insight on what to expect at your first country concert.

Thrills & Chills at Your First Country Music Concert

Besides the music, singing to your favorite tunes and drinking (if you are of legal age), country concerts are totally different compared to other music festivals. Rickles said “a first-time country concertgoer should prepare for thrills and chills. When the lights go down and an artist takes the stage, the feeling of universal excitement and unity is pervasive throughout the crowd, up through and even after the last note is played. Whether it’s your favorite artist who you’ve been dying to see or just an act that someone else won’t stop talking about, you’re in for a night (or day!) of good times and good vibes.” Another thing to expect at your first country concert is the comraderies among concertgoers. Strangers will become friends and your friends will grow even closer. There is no better way to bond with someone than belting out your favorite tunes and sharing the love and passion of your favorite artist.

Western Style for a Night Out

If you have never been to a country concert and have a love for cowboy hats and cowboy boots, now is the time to bring them out. You can expect to see a lot of western wear at your first country concert. Rickles said “When going to a country concert you should wear anything that makes you feel comfortable, assuming it won’t make anyone else uncomfortable either! Be it a cowboy hat or a ballcap, a brand new or overly worn-in pair of boots, or a shirt with pearl snaps or no snaps, at a country concert you’ll see members of the country community coming from all different walks of life, and nobody will look one specific way.” If you still aren’t sure what to expect at your first country concert in terms of how people are dressed, check out our suggestions for your first country concert outfit.

Country Show Venue & Location Details

If this is your first country concert, you should always check the venue; if it’s an outdoor venue, you should also check the weather. It’s important to know whether you need light clothing if it’s hot, a jacket if it’s cold, or a raincoat if it’s raining. According to Rickles, “if you’re going through a cold front and want to bundle up, remember that not every venue has a coat check; plus, all the moving and grooving you’ll be doing will be sure to keep you warmer than any jacket ever could! All in all, think about the weather, the crowd, the seating and standing arrangements, and the duration of the event when deciding what to wear.”

The Conclusion to Your First Country Concert

Some things you can definitely expect at your first country concert are memories that will last a lifetime. For tips on western wear that you could rock at the concert, head to our country style blog for more inspiration. Check out Rhythm & Boots NYC for the latest info on upcoming shows and country music news.

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