What You Need to Know about Cowboy Boot Anatomy

Wondering what on earth a “spur ridge” is? Or what you are supposed to do with a “vamp”?

If you find yourself scratching your head trying to decipher the meaning behind cowboy boot terms, then you have come to the right place. Use this guide from Sheplers to decode the technical terms of cowboy boot anatomy, and you will be on your way to picking out the perfect pair of comfortable cowboy boots in no time!

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Collar. This is the very top portion of the boot shaft; some have decorative stitching or overlays.

Heel Cap. The cover on the bottom of the cowboy boot heel that usually has a rubber material to provide slip-protection.

Insole. Material inside where your foot rests. Most comfortable cowboy boots have high-tech materials for added stability, and you can also buy additional gel inserts from Sheplers for added comfort.

Outsole. Bottom portion of the boot that makes contact with the ground. This portion of the cowboy boot anatomy is often exposed to the greatest wear, so it is important that the outsole material is durable and high quality when choosing a new pair of comfortable cowboy boots.

Spur Ridge. A functional design element on the cowboy boot anatomy, the spur ridge extends past the back of the cowboy boot, creating a ledge for a spur to rest and not slide down the back of the heel.

Vamp. The area of the boot from the bottom of the shaft to the outsole that covers your foot.

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