What’s Your Perfect Fit?

Wranglers and Levis
What's Your Perfect Fit?

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]oth brands are authentic and loved by many, but where do you fall? Are you a traditional cowboy or cowgirl that loves to put on those tight Wrangler’s, or do you prefer the modern, minimalistic qualities of  Levi’s to clothe you?
The truth of the matter is that both are quality jeans and they both look good paired with you favorite pair of boots and your cowboy hat.

Do you prefer the tight feeling of 100% cotton denim or do you like a little stretch? That is an important question to ask yourself when weighting your options. Both have options to fit your needs and shape.

Good news! Wranglers and Levi’s are all on sale on Sheplers.com! You can get your favorites such as Men’s Wrangler 13MWZ Rigids for $19.99 and
Women’s Levi’s 518: Superlow Bootcut Jeans for $39.99 right now!

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