Which Jeans are Right for You?

One of the most common staples in the wardrobes of men and women are blue jeans. While we all love denim, we generally don’t gravitate towards the same brand, wash, or cut. So how do we know what jeans are right for us? As a major denim destination, Western Wear has decided to share some tips to make sure you buy the perfect pair of blue jeans.

Simple and classic are always a good idea. Don’t feel the need to try the latest denim trends and designs, because a classic pair will really suit you well in the long run, plus you’ll get a lot of wear out of them. While it may go without saying, blue jeans should fit you well. They shouldn’t be too tight, but they shouldn’t be falling off of you either. Go for comfort, but also keep style in mind. Trendier pairs are slimmer cut, and they also will compliment your figure better than a baggy pair of shapeless denim.

Keep the wash in mind. If you are going to be outside, on a farm, and getting dirty, you probably want to stick with darker washes so that stains are less prominent. Additionally, darker denim is a little more sleek and stylish, and can easily be worn at night as well as during the work day.

Then let’s look at the fly—button or zip, it’s up to you. They look the same, but generally a zipper is more convenient and easier to take on and off. Usually the fly simply boils down to personal preference.

The cut should be based on your body type as well as your intended use. Slim cut legs fit easier into cowboy boots, which a looser fit can rest over your boots and probably provide more all around comfort.

Keep these expert tips in mind next time you are searching for the perfect pair of jeans. Whether you are shopping in store or online, these are criteria that you can use to measure if a pair is perfect for you.


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