Why Cowboys Love Wrangler Jeans

A true cowboy knows that Wrangler Jeans were made specifically for them, back in 1947 to be exact. Rodeo cowboys of the 1940s needed jeans that they could be comfortable in and wear for rodeo use, so along came Rodeo Ben. Rodeo Ben worked with cowboys in order to create the perfect pair of jeans with a company that used to be known as Blue Bell. In 1947, the first pair of Wrangler Jeans were released as the 13 MWZ style…and they can still be purchased today.

So why do cowboys love Wranglers? It could be in part of the vast recognition given to them by former NFL star Brett Favre, or it could be because they can handle the wear and tear of a rugged man and have stood the test of time as being the perfect working man jean, or just every day men’s jean.  Wranglers are the staple of western men’s fashion and to this day, Wranglers are still men’s favorite jean.

But Wrangler Jeans knows that it has keep up with the times, so for the millennial men, there are the new Wrangler Red jeans. Wrangler Reds are more slimming for younger men and although the brand is taking their jeans to 21st century standards, their 1940s ideals still hold true, “There’s a bit of the West in all of us.”

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