Why We Wear Work Boots



Craftsmen need the correct tools for any job, and the same applies for their footwear. Depending on the environment in which a person is working, they may face various safety hazards that could put them at risk for serious injury. Therefore, many industries require employees to wear protective footwear on the jobsite always.

According to the National Safety Council, only one out of four victims of job-related foot injury wear any type of safety shoes or boots. To avoid accidents and keep an efficient work flow, protective footware is critical to ensure a safe and productive job.

The first step to determining which shoe is best for your job site is determining which type of threats you may be exposed to.

  • Steel toe work boots are perfect for construction sites or industries where heavy machinery and materials are being moved around, or falling.
  • Waterproof work boots are popular in wet conditions where moisture can interrupt work flow.
  • Cold environments require work boots to ensure the workers are not exposing their feet to frostbite or other cold related risks.
  • Those working in areas with explosives, or highly reactive and flammable substances experience a buildup of static electricity on the body. Electrically conductive footwear from Sheplers protects workers from generating sparks due to static electricity, that could lead to fire or an explosion.

One small misstep on a job site can result in major injury, causing lost work and physical pain.  A safe and easy way to protect workers from injury is by ensuring they wear protective footwear on the site. Sheplers work boots are comfortable, stylish, durable, and most importantly they are safe for workers.

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