Why Yeti Coolers Should Be Part of Your Barn Necessities

Yeti coolers and accessories are groundbreaking, built for the serious outdoor enthusiasts. Made from roto-molded polyethylene, Yeti coolers are UV resistant and heavily insulated. They are the coolers of choice for outdoorsmen and cowboys alike, being that it takes an overwhelmingly long amount of time for the ice inside to melt. A Yeti cooler should be part of your barn necessities, and Sheplers will tell you why.

Whether there is barn help or not, being out on the ranch all day can truly take a toll, especially when there is no AC. Many stables at the ranch are not air conditioned, so it can become awfully warm inside. As one of the greatest barn necessities, Yeti coolers stay cold to keep everything inside at a temperature feeling as if it was still inside of a refrigerator in your home. This is important for refreshing waters when you are working hard out there.

Certain supplements and medications for your animals also require refrigeration, in which Yeti coolers come to the rescue again. Instead of keeping a mini fridge in your barn, your favorite Yeti barn necessities are portable.

While mucking stalls, feeding, and bathing your horses, you will be outside all day. Yeti coolers should become top on your list of barn necessities because while you work hard to maintain your ranch, your cooler works hard to keep your food and drinks cold. You no longer have to worry about your sandwich spoiling in the heat.

The little Yeti Hopper soft side cooler is leak resistant and perfect for a ride on the trail with your horse. This cooler is puncture-resistant, leak-proof, and part of your new barn necessities list.

You can find Yeti coolers and other Yeti accessories to add to your barn necessities in Sheplers’ Yeti Coolers & Accessories catalog.

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