Working in the Heat

Working in the Heat

Whew! It sure is hot outside. Do you work outside in heavy workwear? Well, in this weather, less is more!

In the hot sun, steel toe boots can be heavy and uncomfortable and your thick, work denim can make you want to go jump in the nearest body of water. Remember to wear lightweight, light colored, and moisture-wicking clothing (typically a lightweight cotton or performance fabric).  Also, wear a hat, sunscreen, and drink plenty of water!

So how do you know if you become heat exhausted? You will start to feel weak, dizzy, sweaty, and nauseous. If  you find yourself becoming heat exhausted, remove any unnecessary or tight layers, drink cool water or sports drinks, and rest in an air conditioned room or shady area until all symptoms have passed.

At our country clothing store, we have you covered for even the hottest days! Check out our UV Protection hats section to keep the sun off of your face. Try a composite toe work boot instead of the steel toe to because of the lighter weight. We have a large selection of workwear for every worker’s needs!


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