Yoga Exercises for Cowgirls


From beginners to experts, yoga exercises for cowgirls is the perfect stress reliever and strengthening exercise suitable for all riders. You can learn to physically and mentally enhance your riding abilities with certain yoga exercises that will make you feel balanced and relaxed. Yoga exercises can strengthen the connection with your mind and body and build balance and stamina for riding at the same time. Sheplers women’s western wear shares with you the best yoga exercises for all cowgirls. Learn how to get your namaste on below.


Balance Exercises

Balance postures are important for cowgirls in that they help you find your center. Strong balance in the horse’s saddle and a solid core will help improve your riding abilities tremendously. If you are riding anywhere but the center, the horse’s movement will be altered. Sheplers recommends you work on the tree pose to effectively develop your balance capabilities.

Hip Opener Exercises

Hip flexor stretches provide riders with more comfort on the horse, and allows you to mount and dismount with more ease. These exercises help to build relaxed and synchronized movement with you and your horse. Bound angle pose and child’s pose are the perfect yoga stretches to open your hips before you go out for a ride.

Shoulder Exercises

Yoga for cowgirls allows riders to become more relaxed so that there is no muscle tension that will hinder the horse’s ability. Shoulder exercises will help alleviate upper back and shoulder stiffness as well as open your chest. The eagle arms pose and the easy seated twist will target the shoulders area and help to release all tension.

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